Counseling and Corporate Consultation
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Counseling is a personal and dynamic experience. It offers the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your self, to find solutions to problems you are facing, and to develop skills that can enhance your life. Stan helps clients move through difficult transitions and conflicts, manage depression and anxiety, and discover their own inner resources for maximizing enjoyment and success in their lives. He has extensive training and experience:

Counseling Office at Greenville Avenue

Helping individuals
  • Understand, accept, and enjoy themselves and the people important in their lives
  • Move more effectively through times of personal stress, depression, loss, and transition
  • Develop goals and skills for growth in their personal, social, family, and work lives
Helping couples
  • Alleviate current tensions and blocks to their relationship
  • Develop greater communication and a deeper understanding of each other
  • Find ways to work together toward common goals and support each other's personal goals.
  • Achieve greater levels of intimacy and appreciation of each other
Helping families
  • Move through difficult experiences and transitions in their lives
  • Revitalize family communication and deepen mutual understanding
  • Discover new appreciation and respect for the individual differences and the common threads that make up their family
Helping parents
  • Guide their child's growth and development.
  • Learn skills for effective discipline that benefit them and their child or teenager
  • Develop a deeper and richer relationship with their child through Filial Training
  • Assess and treat significant issues such as depression, anxiety, social problems, behavior problems, and school related concerns in children and teens


Because play is to the child what verbalization is to the adult, play therapy is a highly effective and practical medium for facilitating growth in young children ages 3-9 years. Our dedicated playroom is a safe, attractive setting in which a trained counselor offers the child a unique opportunity to express feelings, explore relationships, describe experiences and disclose wishes. Play therapy can generate positive change in the child’s “real world” life by helping him/her develop skills for managing anxiety, overcoming depression, and resolving behavioral and social issues. Almost inevitably, the play process contributes to a rise in self-awareness and self-esteem.

Playroom at Greenville Avenue

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